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ob Goodwin visits Jared Kirby to bring Film Fighting LA to New York City for a SOLD OUT one day Hollywood Fighting seminar on Sunday, September 11, that will cover much of what is needed to work in the Film industry... more information at Hollywood Fighting with Bob Goodwin at

obert G. Goodwin with Gunny Ermey compare the cutting and thrusting abilities of the Italian Longsword vs the Japanese Katana:

Japanese Katana


European Longsword

— a.k.a. —

Samurai Sword


Knight Broadsword

"Discover the Warrior Within!"

FFLA Female Fight Video

he Film Fighting LA Club (FFLA) is an elite performance team skilled in contemporary and traditional weaponry and combat styles. We perform for film, television, theater, corporate, and special events.

Train in a professional environment with hand made, steel- and aluminum-bladed combat-worthy swords, knives, and other weapons. Learn realistic falls, reactions, and bumps on a five foot by eight foot stunt crash-pad.

Our techniques are based on movement and fighting styles throughout the history of martial arts, including Asian-Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Okinawan, European-Medieval, Elizabethan, and Restoration periods.

FFLA members are working, trained professionals with on-camera experience who adapt readily to directors' requests.

Achievement, Character, and Teamwork: that "Something Extra" which makes Film Fighting LA such a unique ensemble!

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